Thursday, February 28, 2019

Beach Clean Up 2019

Here are a few pictures of beach clean up. A big thank you to all of the parents who helped out on the day. FOOS provided a sausage sizzle for all the children which was a highlight.
Room Kauri found some interesting pieces of rubbish washed up on our beaches this year.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Luke's Quail Chicks

Today for class sharing Luke's mum Milou brought in 11 beautiful quail chicks. The chicks are less than a week old. They are adorable, fluffy, tiny and fragile at this age. We got to look with our eyes and ask Milou and Luke lots of questions. 
What question did you ask?
In two weeks time, how big do you think the quail chicks will be? 

Thanks Milou and Luke... What a cool surprise!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Dylan's Principal Certificate

A proud moment seeing Dylan get his principal certificate in the PC room on Friday.
Room Kauri are very proud of you Dylan. Great learning and attitude towards school. Keep up the great learning.

Connie's Monarch Butterfly

Last week Connie rescued a Monarch Butterfly chrysalis from the wheel of her bike. She brought it into class and we popped it in a safe container with a soft bed to protect it. We waited very patiently to see if the Monarch was going to survive. On Thursday we took a look and found the Monarch Butterfly dangling from the edge of the container. It was an exciting few hours watching the Monarch dry out it's wings. Connie carefully took the Monarch out to a swan plant to explore.

Room Kauri are looking forward to learning more about Monarch butterflies next week and writing some descriptive writing. Watch this space...

Reading Workshop Activities

This week Room Kauri have been learning how to use their own reading workshop timetables. They have to look at their timetables and see what independent activity they need to complete in the time available. This week we have been focusing on book standards, completing our first handwriting card and finding words on our word search.

Here is Isla and Mason working on their word search.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Active Listening to Understand!

Today in Room Kauri we learnt how to actively listen to understand. 

Here are some of the body clues to active listening:
1. Look at the person talking by having your body facing them
2. Turn on your ears 
3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself 
4. Calm your body using mindfulness techniques, e.g. jellyfish breathing 
5. Be present  - That means live in the moment and think about what's happening now, not what's happening later
6. Let the person who is sharing/talking sparkle 
7. Listen to understand by asking question to find out more information
Room Kauri used puppets to role play how to be great active listeners to understand. They had three roles per group. The teacher and two students. They had to come up with a skit to show how to actively listen to understand. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Blank Basic Facts Sheets for Home Use 2019

Here are some blank basic facts templates to use at home in preparation for your child's basic facts test. 

Basic Facts Sheets 2019

Just choose the right stage and practice as many times as your child would like. This is just one form of basic facts revision. There are many basic facts games and websites that you could use as an alternative:

Here are some websites to assist with Basic Facts at home: